Unity WebGL JavaScript interaction

A note-to-ourselves…

This one just somehow extends the official WebGL Interacting with Browser Scripts documentation from Unity. So it’s really more a note-to-ourselves which contains a few notes we have to look up from time to time again. So we decided to just pin them down.

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Unity WebGL TOTAL_MEMORY allocation

Memory problems in the browser?

Soon after we have put our development build  for Volley Brawl on Kongregate, we noticed some technical issues with memory allocation for the WebGL build. As you might know, you can adjust the TOTAL_MEMORY allocation not only in the WebGL settings, but any time later on directly in the HTML file. As memory allocation was a bit of a blackbox to us, we felt pretty insecure, how much memory we should allocate to our application and started to play around with different values.

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Unity: GetComponentInSibling

Sharing components among siblings

In Unity, we can make good use of the following functions, when we want to get a component at runtime. This is especially interesting, if you want to structure your scripts in a certain way in the hierarchy and do not want to drag-and-drop the references.

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